KindFest | A Pay-It-Forward Kindness Event

The idea for KindFest happened when Jason Tharp, a children’s author, illustrator, inspirational speaker, and founder of Dreams Live Here & Wonderville Studios wanted to create an event for kids and their parents to not only celebrate kindness but put it into action.

A major goal of KindFest is bringing awareness to kindness not only as an external action but as an internal action. We want to make self kindness cool!  This begins with self compassion, mindfulness, and most times bravery.

KindFest began in 2018 at Ill Mannered Brewing Co. in Powell, Ohio with the goal of buying Thanksgiving dinner for those going through a rough patch. We were fortunate to raise more than enough to help out the needy not just for Thanksgiving but also Christmas. In 2019, we teamed up with See Kids Dream through Project Dream to help empower the next generation to put kindness in action!

Unfortunately, KindFest is postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19 with hopes of it's return in the Spring or Fall of 2021. 

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